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Telnet chat server (Talker)
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By popular request, I decided to release the source code for CPH as a historical monument. Please read the README.SRC that’s included with it before asking me ANY questions about it.

So, without further ado, it’s here

Daniel Stephens, September 28th, 2000

Generally regarded as the second talker to ever exist, after Cat Chat, and the first to be written from scratch as a talker. (Cat Chat was a stripped-down version of LPMud.) It was originally hosted at the University of Warwick, on the UK’s JANET (Joint Academic NETwork) and then later globally when the university joined the Internet. is happy to be able to serve this archive content and help preserve a piece of Internet history. Please note that the archive contains source code, but the author witheld additional configuration and data files to discourage recipients from running imitation copies of the original talker.

For more, read a historical retrospective of Cheeseplant’s House as written by its author.