Telnet chat server (Talker)

The Crypt Multiline Chat System

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derived from
NUTS 3.x (version 3.2.1)

A notable feature of Crypt was its ability to compile and run on versions of Microsoft Windows (95/NT4) common in its era – something practically unheard of in the Talker space, making this a very unique codebase.

The archive contains two branches; the default crypt/v5 branch contains an original distribution of version 5.0, later patched with C source and header files for version 5.3. The rick-collette/6.x branch contains a newer version of this codebase; it was retrieved from his project but contains code not written by Crypt’s original author(s).

Robert Collette wrote:

A long time ago, in a State far far away, I tried to compile a chat system called Crypt on my Windows NT 4.0 box using MS VC++ 5. I’m not sure what happened, I think I gave up and started hacking the Crypt and messing with it on a linux box I had. Recently I had the urge to play with a project, and ran across a MAME hacker who was the guy behind the Crypt Talker. I sent him an out of the blue email, asking for permission to continue the project on Sourceforge, and get things rolling again. Here’s what he said:

This is the source that used to be on the webpage, plus the unreleased source of the most recent version. Feel free to stick em on sourceforge (let me have the link though!).


Bryan McPhail wrote:

If I remember right Borland C++ was needed to compile it for Windows NT/95, standard GCC was ok for all Unix platforms.