Telnet chat server (Talker)

The Java-based Object-Oriented Talker

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MIT (formerly proprietary, non-distributable)

JOOT was notable not only because it was written in Java 1.1 but because its source code was not available to users (without payment). Additionally, commercial licensing of the compiled binaries was available for a fee. The following prices are from 1998:

Under the original license terms (re)distribution was not permitted, so the copies of JOOT obtained for the archive contain only the compiled Java *.class files (compiled JVM bytecode), and the original source files may be lost forever. This archive contacted Mr. Jarvis in early 2023 and obtained approval to preserve JOOT’s files in GitHub under the terms of the MIT open source license.

Then and now, author Dave Jarvis requests that you link to his website if you use this software; since no longer exists as it was, he requests you link to instead. Links within the archived files have been updated similarly, where possible.

The following content is borrowed from the original website, circa 1998.

What is JOOT?

JOOT, standing for Java-based Object-Oriented Talker, is a real-time, text-based Internet chat server.

JOOT runs on most Unix operating systems, MacOS, OS/2, Windows NT/95/3.1, and any platform that has a Java Virtual Machine (or JVM for short).

There are two requirements to JOOT:

  1. You need a JVM installed on the computer (server) you wish to run JOOT.
  2. In order to access JOOT from the Web (in addition to telnet), JOOT must be running on the same computer that runs the Web server.

The second condition does not have to be met in order to fully use JOOT.

[archivist note: Web-based access relied upon Java Applet technology that is no longer supported by modern browsers.]

Why use JOOT?

Features JOOT already has: