Telnet chat server (Talker)
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Ncohafmuta is a text-based chat server that is designed for access from a telnet client. Its purpose is to allow users to communicate in a configurable environment in realtime. It allows users to create accounts with their own settings and optional personal information. Rooms are the basis for communication, whether private or public. Other features include internal email, email forwarding, a configure script for multiple Unices, support for cygwin under Win32, macros, games, a ranking system with access to more commands, ANSI coloring, banning, async DNS, soft/hot-rebooting, detailed, organized logging, and an internal Web server port.

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According to the Talker Family Tree, the Ncohafmuta codebase was derived from IFORMS which was itself a fork off of NUTS 1.x. So from that perspective, one could argue that Ncohafmuta belongs in the NUTS family. However, it is one of only a few codebases – if not the only codebase – actively in-use at the beginning of the decline and still based off of NUTS 1.x. Most other active NUTS-derived codebases at the time had forked from Neil’s 3.x line, making Ncohafmuta a unique if not original variant.

1.4.x - stable
1.5.x - development

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