PlayGround 96

Telnet chat server (Talker)
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First, what is this code called?

There are 4 names that are “sanctioned” for it. The official name of this talker release is “PlayGround 96” or PG96. An older, and functionally equivalent name is “PlayCode 96” or PC96. The distinction is that PlayCode refers only to the source code, where PlayGround refers to the entire release. In some documents, you’ll here it refered to as PG, in others as PC. The reason? I’m lazy. Deal.

There are also approved “nicknames” for the code. The main two are EW4 (or spelled out, EW-for, or ElseWhere-for). The name “deathtraP”, a working name in the early going, should not be used, and is discouraged, because it gives credit to one author over the other three, and it just sounds stupid anyway ;-P

Bottom Line. The official name is PlayGround 96. PlayCode 96 refers to the code only (and not the auxillaries like Update 1.1 or MS 1.2, or the help files, etc). EW4 is an approved shorthand (and denotes PG96’s origins, being based on EW2)

— from the PlayGround 96 README file

This codebase also provided some inspiration for Sensi-PG.

The source code in the archive was directly downloaded from before that site reorganized, making the code unreachable from publicly available links.